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The Volunteer Resources page contains 1) GSUSA brand resources and 2) forms most used by volunteers to fulfill their day-to-day volunteer responsibilities related to training or at the troop/group level. (Categories are in alphabetical order. All forms are downloadable Word docs or PDFs unless otherwise noted.)

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Recruitment Resources

General Recruitment Information
Before You Start…
By using the documents below, you agree to have read the “Before You Start…” PDF above. 
Recruitment Strategy (PDF)
GSUSA Editorial Style Guide (PDF)
GSUSA Print Guidelines (PDF)
Recruitment Resources (PDF)
School Newsletter Recruitment Template (Word-Customizable)

I Can’t Wait To… (ICWT) Recruitment Campaign: K-5 Girls and Volunteers
ICWT Campaign Overview (PDF)
ICWT Guidelines (PDF)
ICWT Resource Library-Campaign Art (PDF)
ICWT Resource Library-Tools for Girls and Caregivers (PDF)
ICWT Resource Library-Tools for Volunteer Recruitment (PDF)

What Did You Do Today? (WDYDT) Recruitment Campaign: Grades 6+ Girls and Volunteers
WDYDT Guidelines (PDF)
WDYDT Resource Library- Tools for Girl Recruitment (PDF)
WDYDT Resource Library- Tools for Volunteer Recruitment (PDF)

GSUSA Brand Resources

In order to adhere by GSUSA and GSH standards of producing a consistent message and appearance across all mediums, please familiarize yourself with the information provided here before creating any type of promotional material.

Girl Scout Photo and Illustration Library 

Brand Cheat Sheet

Girl Scout Logos
The Girl Scouts of Hawai`i (GSH) logo* must be placed at the top left corner of any document. Be sure to leave enough white space around each side of the logo (you should be able to place the “g” in the Girl Scouts logo lengthwise between the logo and the edge of the page). Do not stretch of modify logos or servicemarks in any way.

*The GSH logo is available upon request.
Right-click on the images below to download each individual logo or servicemark.

Girl Scout Servicemark Color on WhiteGirl Scout Servicemark Black on WhiteGSUSA_servicemark_Green

Girl Scout Servicemark White on Green Girl Scout Servicemark Black on Green

Trefoil Green on White  Trefoil White on Green  Girl Scout Mission Green on White  Girl Scout Mission White on Green

Use the Girl Scout font, Omnes, or Arial. Files for the Omnes font are available upon request.  In no way may the Omnes font be used to create products for sale. By downloading the Omnes font, you agree that is to be used for viewing and printing purposes only. Files for the Omnes font may be available upon request. By downloading the Omnes font, you agree that it is only to be used to create static materials (such as materials used to be distributed in print or PDF form). You also agree not to distribute this font to others who may not be authorized by council to use it.


Blue Book (This publication contains the Constitution of Girl Scouts of the USA and is the foundation for the work of all Girl Scout councils.)
2016 Volunteer Essentials
Transforming Leadership (TL outlines the 15 leadership outcomes that provide girls with the kinds of experiences that help them become the kind of leaders they want to be today and in the future.)
Transforming Leadership Continued (TLC expands the discussion of leadership begun in Transforming Leadership with its focus on the three Girl Scout Processes—Girl Led, Learning by Doing, and Cooperative Learning.)

Lifetime Members

Our lifetime members are a cherished part of our ‘ohana. By making a commitment to Girl Scouts, you will be supporting the Lifetime Membership Endowment Fund, which is used to develop and extend Girl Scout membership to all girls.

Lifetime membership as a Girl Scout adult is available to any individual who accepts the principles and beliefs of the Girl Scout Movement, pays the one-time lifetime membership cost, and is 18 years of age or older, or is a high school graduate or the equivalent.

You will receive:

  • A lifetime membership certificate signed by the Chair of the National Board of Directors
  • A lifetime membership card
  • Information on how you can purchase a lifetime membership pin
  • A lifelong connection with a mission-focused, values-driven organization that helps girls develop as happy and resourceful citizens

The lifetime membership dues are $375.00 (25 times the annual dues). A special lifetime membership, at the reduced cost of $195.00 (13 times the annual dues), is offered to girls who are registered Senior Girl Scouts at the time of their high school graduation, provided they apply for lifetime membership before their current annual membership expires.

Becoming a lifetime member is easy. Here’s how:

    1. Register online! You may register as a lifetime member by logging into your Girl Scouts Online Account. If you do not have an account, you may create one by clicking here.
    2. If you are purchasing a discounted lifetime membership for graduating girls, please download the Lifetime Membership Brochure, click here. Discounted lifetime membership is not available through your Girl Scout Online Account at this time. Return the completed form—along with your check, money order, or credit card information—to the Girl Scouts Hawaii Office, 410 Atkinson Drive, Suite 2E1, Box 3, Honolulu, HI 96814.

If you are registering at the reduced cost, please send your lifetime membership registration only to your council office and note your graduation month and year. Checks and money orders that are mailed to a local Girl Scout council should be payable directly to the council, Girl Scouts of Hawai’i.

Individuals adults who wish to register as annual members (dues are $15.00 for the membership year) may do so by logging in or creating their Girl Scouts of Hawai`i Online Account.

Membership Inquiry Forms-Online

(If you are applying to become a NEW member, you must submit an online Membership Inquiry Form by clicking on the appropriate link below. A GSH representative will respond to your inquiry. Please note that by filling out a Membership Inquiry Form, you have not committed to joining Girl Scouts of Hawai`i until you have submitted a Girl/Adult Membership Registration Form and paid the annual membership dues.)
Hawai`i Island Membership Inquiry Form
Kaua`i Membership Inquiry Form
Maui Membership Inquiry Form
O`ahu Membership Inquiry Form

Membership Registration Forms

(If you are applying to become a NEW member, you must submit an online Membership Inquiry Form by clicking on the appropriate link above. A GSH representative will quickly respond to your inquiry.)

Program Forms

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