how to start a troop

Thinking of starting a troop? We’ll take out the guesswork! Follow these five easy steps and you’ll be on your way to providing opportunities that girls want and experiences that change lives!

1. Become a Volunteer

The Volunteer Screening Process

Q. Which volunteers need to complete the volunteer screening process?

A. A Girl Scout volunteer must complete the volunteer screening process and be a registered adult member of Girl Scouts before she/he will:

  • work with, drive, or supervise girls (Troop/Group Leader or Co-Leader or parent volunteer)
  • work with Girl Scout money (Troop Treasurer or Cookie Manager or Service Unit Cookie Manager)
  • work with girls’ or the other adults’ personal information (Register for a troop or service unit)
  • attend an overnight activity

Q. I’ve already completed a criminal background check or fingerprinting elsewhere.  Do I have to do it again?
A. Yes, unfortunately we cannot accept previous fingerprint or electronic criminal background screening clearance from other agencies.

Q. Is my information confidential?
A. All information received during the volunteer screening process will be treated confidentially and will only be used by Girl Scouts of Hawai`i staff directly involved with the screening of a particular volunteer. The reports only come to the Girl Scouts of Hawai`i and not to any other agencies or organizations. The information is confidential and cannot be used against you, other than to deny your application to work as a volunteer. Girl Scouts of Hawai`i will not report any information, including citizenship status to any government agencies. Girl Scouts of Hawai`i may use any appropriate information from the volunteer screening process when refusing to allow a volunteer to work, when granting conditional volunteer status involving fiscal responsibility or direct contact with girls, or when releasing a volunteer from a position. Only volunteer status (cleared, conditional status or prohibited from volunteering) will be shared with staff and volunteers with whom the volunteer would be directly involved.

Tips for a quick and easy volunteer screening
Before you get started, here are a few important tips to help things go as smoothly as possible:

  • All registration and adult screening forms submitted should reflect exactly the same first & last names and addresses
  • Should you begin using a hyphenated last name, change your last name, or change your contact information, it is necessary to notify the council.

2. Call or email your Membership and Program Manager

  • To look up your MAPS Manager, click here.
  • Go to your Welcome Session.
  • After your Welcome Session, you’ll have your troop number. Register as a Girl Scout adult member and request an “01” position code.
  • Connect with your service unit. Forward your email notification of your volunteer screening approval and your assigned troop number to your local Service Unit Registrar and your MAPS Manager.

3.  Complete Volunteer Essentials

  • Girl Scouts of Hawai`i hosts a face-to-face Volunteer Essentials Training for new leaders. You can download and view the PDF here.
  • Find girls and adults: Check with your Service Unit to see if you can take girls from the waiting list, advertise through school newsletters, send flyers home, talk to parents, or other suggestions from your MAPS Manager.
  • Host a parent meeting or find another way for the group to communicate and make decisions on how the troop/group will operate:
    • Collect registration forms and money for interested girls and adults
    • Recruit your volunteer team, including drivers, product sales manager and treasurer (who should also be a signer on the bank account).
    • Make plans for your first meeting with girls.

4.  Open Your Bank Account

  • Open a Troop Checking Account with American Savings Bank:
    i. A minimum of two authorized signers are required on the account.
    ii. Complete the Troop Bylaws Form and Girl Scouts Account Information chart 2015.
    iii. Authorized signers on the account will need to present the two forms and a form of identification at their neighborhood American Savings Bank to open their troop checking account.

5.  Prepare to Meet With Girls

Next Steps!

Once you’ve finished the basics and completed your first few meetings, you’ll probably want to branch out into other fun and exciting activities. Want to take your Brownies on their first overnight camping trip or learn how to advise a group of teenagers? Additional adult learning courses are needed. Please make sure you complete:

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