Online Troop Management FAQs


My daughter wants to re-register to another troop. What do I do?

Transfers to another troop must be transacted by the registration staff with requested troop leader’s approval.   You may re-register in her current troop.  Also, complete the troop transfer request form, click herePlease be aware that any troop change requests are based on availability and approval from troop leader.

As a lifetime member, how am I to be designated each year as the troop leader (01) of a troop?

You will be able to access your GSH online account and self-report your position code which will then require verification by the registration staff.

Is there a specific form to use that gives the troop leader (01) permission to register a girl online if the parents don’t have internet access?

No, the parents need to register girl’s membership which is then considered the parental approval for Girl Scout participation. The parents are welcome to come in to a regional Girl Scout center to complete their daughter’s girl scout membership registration.

Why can’t I view troop management, I’m the Troop Leader?

In many cases, troops list more than one leader for their troop. Troop Management requires at least one person to hold the Troop Leader position and they must be a current member in the database. The person holding the “01”- Leader position will reflect in the Troop Management area. Please contact the help desk for further assistance, click here.

Can I use GS Account if I decide to not share my email?

Your log in creation will depend on having your email address (family email address for girls please) recorded as in your account. Unfortunately, if your email is not on file you will not be able log in and use this online tool. Please remember that GSH and GSUSA does not sell or distribute member information to third parties.

How long will it take to process any change of membership information?

Some changes can be done by the member through their GS online account. These changes are immediate. The registration staff tries to have all Change of Member Information forms processed within a week of receipt at the office but the process may take longer during peak season.

What are the benefits of online membership renewal for troop leaders?

No collecting forms. No depositing money at the bank. No completing registration summaries and troop worksheets. No waiting to know who’s registered.

How do lapsed adult members renew their membership after 10/1?

Adults previously registered with GSH but not in 2012-13 may renew their Girl Scout membership anytime online.

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