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It’s Easy to Volunteer with Girl Scouts! Here’s how:

1. Indicate your interest in volunteering with Girl Scouts of Hawai`i by completing a Volunteer Application and Agreement Form.

2. Once we receive your Interest Form, you will be notified by a Girl Scouts of Hawai`i representative.


All volunteers must…

  • Register as a member of Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) for the current membership year and be approved and placed into a position as a volunteer within the Girl Scouts of Hawai`i (GSH).
  • Abide by the values and principles of the Girl Scout Promise and Law, all state, federal, and local laws, and all GSUSA and GSH policies, standards and procedures.

Volunteer Opportunities

Girl Scouts depends upon volunteers to provide girls with the best leadership experiences. Our current volunteer `ohana comes to us with many different skill sets and hails from a wide range of professional backgrounds; and that is no coincidence. Because we want to reach out to every girl with a desire to make a difference in the world no matter what her interests, we strive to ensure our group of volunteers offer diversity and personify the values written in the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Girl Scouts is not just about cookies, camping and crafts. It’s much more, and in today’s ever-changing society it is important to provide programs comprehensive enough to cater to a medley of girl interests, so we are in search of volunteers who can help us do just that! Whether you are a former Girl Scout, an established professional, a student, male or female—there is a place for you at Girl Scouts!

We’re always looking for troop leaders and others who have what it takes to be part of a troop leadership committee; plus program facilitators and skills trainers; and of course, camping and outdoor enthusiasts! If you are interested in different roles, try working in our office, our retail shop or at an event. Click here to view specific volunteer opportunities.

Commitment and Responsibilities

Volunteers are committed to ensuring girls prepare for a positive future, to guiding them in discovering their personal best and connecting with others in an increasingly diverse world, and to helping them problem solve and improve their communities. As a volunteer, you can choose pathways that allow you the freedom to plan your involvement around what fits into your schedule. And don’t worry, staff provides all of the resources and training necessary for volunteers to be successful in their assigned positions.

Ways to Volunteer

Girl Scout Pathways are the different ways girls and volunteers participate in Girl Scouting:


Want to participate in exciting activities, throughout the school year, with a small group of girls? You’ll share so much as the girls in your troop earn awards and badges, go on field trips, and learn from community leaders and experts on issues important to your community.


Unplug from your everyday demands and explore the great outdoors with a group of like-minded girls. Share your passion and unique talents with tomorrow’s outdoor enthusiasts.


Have high energy but limited availability? Choose your favorite topics, and help girls unleash their potential. You’ll interact with girls, excite their passions, and help them become their best selves.


Have a particular skill or talent? Looking for a chance to work with girls without a long-term commitment? Then come share your passion with a focused group of girls who can’t wait to learn your skill or pursue your area of interest.


Expand girls’ horizons. Explore the world—or at least your corner of it—with a group of girls who need your help planning a trip, earning money, and preparing themselves for the adventures of travel.


Enjoy mentoring girls in an online environment. The magic of the Internet will link you with girls who immerse themselves in leadership activities, earn badges, and enjoy the virtual—but very real—friendships that blossom.
In addition to pathways, volunteers are always appreciated for other council opportunities. Find out more about volunteering opportunities and discover the many ways you can help girls grow strong.

To find out more about available positions, please visit the “Program Opportunities” tab in our “employment” page.

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