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For more information about our Awards programs, visit our Awards pages, or visit GS USA’s Girl Scout Award FAQs. Questions can also be answered by Ellen Roberts at 808.675.5513 or [email protected].

Gold Award

Q: What is the scope of a Girl Scout Gold Award project?
A: The Girl Scout Gold Award projects are meant to be more than a service project. Collecting food for a homeless shelter or cleaning up a park can be a wonderful Silver or Bronze project, but the Gold Award must go beyond that. The Girl Scout working toward her Gold Award must choose an issue she cares deeply about and develop a project that will have a positive impact on her community.

Q. Who can earn the Gold Award?
A. Any girl who is registered Girl Scout and meets the age and grade requirements can work toward the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Q. Is the Girl Scout Gold Award an individual or group project?
A. The Take Action project is an individual project. Girls are to gather a team of individuals who will help her complete her project. Working on a project team is a life-skill.

Q. Do you have to earn the Girl Scout Silver Award in order to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award?
A. No. However, it’s great foundation for the process. The Silver Award can be used as a prerequisite to earning the Gold Award.

Q. What is the role of the Gold Award Advisory Panel?
A. This is a group of volunteers, including past recipients of the Girl Scout Gold Award, dedicated to helping you succeed. The panel will review the size, scope, and cost of a project and make recommendations to ensure that it is an appropriate Gold Award project. Your individual Project Advisor’s job is to support you by answering questions you may have about the requirements and your project.

Silver Award

Q: Who can earn the Girl Scout Silver Award?
A: Girls who are in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade and are registered Girl Scout Cadettes.

Q: What are the prerequisites for earning my Award?
A: The first requirement for earning your Girl Scout Silver Award is completing one Cadette journey, from any of the three series: It’s Your World—Change It!, It’s Your Planet—Love It!, or It’s Your Story-Tell It!.

Q: Where should my Girl Scout Silver Award project take place/who should it affect?
A: Going for the Girl Scout Silver Award gives you the chance to show that you are a leader who is organized, determined, and dedicated to improving your community. You belong to many communities: Your school is a community, for example. So is your math class or your debate team. Even kids who ride the same bus every day are a community. Other communities include your neighborhood, your place of worship, your town, and so on.

Q: How many Girl Scouts should be working on one Girl Scout Silver Award project?
A: There are two ways to earn your Girl Scout Silver Award: You can work with a small team of three to four girls, or you can create and implement your own project.

  • Small team model: The girls you work with can be Girl Scouts, non-Girl Scouts, or a combination of both. If the other Girl Scout Cadettes on your team also wish to earn the Girl Scout Silver Award, each girl must play an active role in choosing, planning, and developing the team’s Take Action project. Keeping your team small ensures that everyone can participate fully. You and your team will also partner with others in the community to complete your project.
  • Solo model: You can create and implement a project on your own. However, if you choose the solo option, you will still want to partner with others in your community (friends, neighbors, and business owners) in order to earn your award. After all, leaders like you know how to team up with others, even when they’re in charge.

Q: Do we need to get our project pre-approved by Council?
A: No, unlike with the Girl Scout Gold Award, Girl Scout Silver Award projects are done all at the troop level and do not require pre-approval from Council staff.

Q: How many hours do I need to spend working on my Award project?
A: Once you complete your journey, the suggested minimum time for earning your Girl Scout Silver Award is 50 hours. These suggested hours are a guide. You can start by planning the time in chunks, dividing it up by the steps.

Q: Are we allowed to raise money for project materials?
A: Yes, but remember to get approval from your Membership Specialist at Council before participating in any money earning activities. Also remember that your troop must sell cookies in the fall before partaking in any additional money earning activities throughout the year.

Q: What do I need to submit to Council after I have completed my Girl Scout Silver Award project?
A: The Girl Scout Silver Award Take Action Final Report can be found in your Girl Scout Silver Award Guidelines or downloaded from the GS Silver Award section of our website. And don’t forget to share your Girl Scout Silver Award story with us!

Bronze Award

Q: Who can earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award?
A: Girls who are in the 4th or 5th grade (or equivalent) and are a registered Girl Scout Junior.

Q: What are the prerequisites for the Girl Scout Bronze Award?
A: A Girl Scout Junior Journey.

Q: Who should be on my Girl Scout Bronze Award “team”?
A: You and other Girl Scout Juniors who are on this adventure together, plus your troop/group volunteer. If there are no other Girl Scout Juniors in your neighborhood, seek out some friends your age—they can even join Girl Scouts and earn the award with you! More girls equal more friends, more ideas, and more ways to make a difference!

Q: Where should I look to get ideas for my Award project?
A: Start by exploring your community: your block, your neighborhood, or your school. As you walk or bike around town, keep your eyes open for ways you can make a positive change. As you take a bus to school or ride in the car with your parents, look for problems that should be fixed.

Q: How many hours should I be spending on my Award project?
A: There is a suggested minimum of 20 hours for the Girl Scout Bronze Award project.

Q: Am I required to submit my completed project to Council?
A: No, everything for the Girl Scout Bronze Award is done at the troop level. However, we would love to hear about your project, so please share your story with us!

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