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All Girl Scouting experiences are designed to incorporate the National Girl Scouts Leadership Experience. Girls are engaged in activities and programs that are centered on the three keys to leadership: Discover, Connect, Take Action.

The After School Leadership Program (ASLP) is no exception!

ASLP serves girls in grades K–12 through participating schools in low-resource communities. The program exposes girls to the Girl Scouts Leadership Experience, helping them to acquire invaluable life skills, including developing a strong sense of self, promoting cooperation and resolving conflicts. ASLP uses the award-winning national curriculum Leadership Journeys, where girls come to understand themselves, the world around them and then take action to make the world a better place.

Girls may experience benefits in their learning aptitude and overall engagement in school – from displaying higher concentration levels and demonstrating an ability to focus cognitively to applying newly acquired concepts to their day-to-day lives.

 ASLP currently serves approximately 300 girls at numerous schools and is continuously growing in membership.


Participating schools for the 2013–2014 school year were:
Kalei`opu`u Elementary
Kane`ohe Elementary
Leihoku Elementary
Ma`ili Elementary
Waikele Elementary

EleEle School
Kapa`a Elementary
King Kaumuali`i Elementary
Wilcox Elementary

Lihikai Elementary
King Kamehameha III Elementary School

For more information about ASHP, please contact:
Alicia DeVoll (O`ahu)

Tauna Neerings (Maui)
Shereen Ho`opi`i (Kaua`i)

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