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Cookie Forms & Manuals

Cookie Quick Tips

How the Cookie Crumbles (this downloadable DOC explains how cookie money is used.)
How Many Cookies Fit in a Car (this downloadable DOC provides a breakdown of how many cookie cases will fit in various vehicle types.)
Bling My Booth

 Quick Links

eBudde: is a website provided by Little Brownie Bakers to manage your troop’s cookie program. This is where you order your cookies and incentives, choose your booth sites and keep track of your banking and deposits.

Little Brownie Bakers: adds inspiring and engaging website content, with all the ideas and resources you need for a great Cookie Season.

VIP eTraining: is a training website provided by Little Brownie Bakers to help you understand everything you need to know about cookies. Topics include: General Program, Marketing, Technology, Cookie Information, and Info from the Council this recently revamped website is provided by Girl Scouts of the USA, and has everything you need to know, from How to Buy Cookies, How to Sell Cookies, Cookie History, additional FAQs, videos and PSAs!

Cookie Bites Blog:

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Booth Sites

Booth sites are a great venue in which Girl Scouts can showcase their knowledge of the 5 Skills in action!

Booth Site Facts and Tips:

  • Sites are difficult to secure because many companies have a “no solicitation” policy. Therefore, it is very important to respect and follow all rules. Not following the rules may ruin the chance of securing that booth site in the future.
  • All sites must be approved and secured by Council.
  • 2016 Booth sales run from February 26 to March 27.
  • Booth site lottery selection dates are: January 11, January 13, January 18, and January 20.
  • There are three rounds of booth site selection.  During the 1st round, each troop is allowed to select three different sites. During the 2nd round, each troop is allowed to select three additional sites. During the 3rd round, three more sites may be selected. After the 3rd round, all remaining booth sites will be open. As a reminder, selection is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Daisies and Brownies love to sell cookies, but remember that they are still very young and tire easily. It may be a good idea to have them sell in one-hour shifts and rotate the girls.

Cookie Acronyms

GSH:  Girl Scouts of Hawai`i
GSUSA:  Girl Scouts of the USA
LBB:  Little Brownie Baker (they bake our cookies!)
SUCM:  Service Unit Cookie Manager
CM:  Cookie Manager
DC:  Digital Cookies
DOC:  Digital Order Card

Cookie Badges

Cookie Badges (PDF)
Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, Girl Scouts learn skills essential to success in life, like financial literacy, innovation, and more. See all the badges a Girl Scout can earn through her cookie business.

Cookie Rallies

Click here to visit Little Brownie Baker’s Cookie Rallies page for ideas and resources for your own Cookie Rally.

2016 Cookie Season Webinars

If you’ve missed any of GSH’s cookie trainings, you may watch them via GSH’s YouTube channel:

Stayed tuned for our 2016 Basic Cookie Webinar, eBudde Training Webinars and Digital Cookie Program Webinars!

Safety Activity Checkpoints

SAFETY FIRST! The Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints should be in the hands of every volunteer. CLICK HERE to download the most updated version.

Cookie Collateral

To help girls sell Girl Scout Cookies at booths, here are several downloadable point-of-sale PDFs with a girl-friendly look and feel, designed to be easily printed by girls or volunteers at home, at school, or during preparation meetings.

Display Banners
Take advantage of these display and exhibit banners (72″ x 24″) to call attention to your Girl Scout Cookie booth. Girls will be letting customers know it’s Girl Scout Cookie season and thanking them for their support!

Art Stencils
Encourage girls to “bling their cookie booth” with these fun stencils pages (8 1/2 ” x 11”)! Print on cardstock, cut out the shapes, and have girls add their personal touch with bold colors and illustrations, making their Girl Scout Cookie booth one of a kind.

6-Foot Tablecloth
8-Foot Tablecloth
Girls are sure to attract customers to their booths with this cheery tablecloth, which is available for 6- and 8-foot tables. Print and take to a local vendor.

Booth Hours Sign – 8 1/2″ x 11″
Booth Hours Sign – 11″ x 17″
Are your girls selling Girl Scout Cookies at a local office? Setting up shop outside a grocery store? Promote the sale with these fun signs!

Goal Charts
Do girls have a daily or seasonal cookie-box-selling goal? Help them track sales, observe their progress, and share it with customers with these posters (11″ x 17″)!

Cookie Toss Fact Sheet

Cookie Cause Poster
Will girls be donating Girl Scout Cookie boxes to a local cause? Tell customers about it and show how the team is making a difference this year with this Cookie Cause Poster (11″ x 17″).

Directional Signs – 17″ x 11″
Directional Signs – 18″ x 12″
Directional Signs – 27″ x 18″
Girls can direct customers to their booths with these simple directional signs. To print weatherproof signs (such as lawn or yard signs) for use throughout the year, call your local office supply or print shop. A 17” x 11” size is available for desktop printing.

Girl Name Tags
Volunteer Name Tags
Help her build people skills! Wearing these cute, easy-to-print name tags (Avery 2” x 4”) at the Girl Scout Cookie booth can help customers strike up a conversation with their “local cookie professionals.” Remind your girls to stick to safety guidelines and include only their first names.

Business Cards
These “team” business cards (Avery 3 1/2” x 2”) encourage customers to buy cookies this year and provide the so that they and their families and friends will know where to buy cookies next year. Girls can hand the cards out at booths.

Cookie Receipts
Gift of Caring Cookie Receipts
Some customers ask for a receipt. Here is a form (Avery 4 1/4” x 5 1/2”) to provide upon request.

Thank You Cards
Girls can give a big “thank-you” to their cookie customers with these Avery-compatible (4 1/4” x 5 1/2” folded) cards. Have girls fill out and include the cards with each cookie order as a show of appreciation.

Out-of-Stock Cards
Girls may use this standard (Avery 5 1/2” x 4 1/4”) card to collect customer information in order to provide the customer with the cookies they want.

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