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New Volunteers

Who can volunteer?
Membership is open to women and men 18 and over who accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Are there volunteer opportunities for corporate employee groups?
Yes. Corporate employees can request special girl projects related to their industry or profession. Such projects may include a fashion workshop sponsored by a group of individuals specializing in design; a series of math and science workshops sponsored by a group of engineers; or a money management program sponsored by a group of financial consultants. Contact Jennifer Kondo if you are interested in volunteering as a corporate group. Your employer may even participate in the Dollars for Doers program. Ask your HR department if they participate.

Why do I need a background check?
Protecting the girls and young women in our charge as well as the Girl Scout Movement is a top priority, and screenings and reference checks are integral parts of our due diligence process and risk management policy. Background screening is the process of authenticating the information supplied to a potential employer by an applicant on his of her resume, application and during interviews. At Girl Scouts, the screening of volunteers (and employees) includes reference checks and criminal background checks, which are performed by an independent, third-party, background-screening agency. All information received during the volunteer screening process will be treated confidentially and will only be used by Girl Scouts of Hawai`i staff directly involved with the screening of a particular volunteer. The reports only come to the Girl Scouts of Hawai`i and not to any other agencies or organizations.

If I already completed a background check for my place of employment do I need to complete another one?
Yes, you do need to complete another one. A background check is confidential. Just as GSH would not give your background check to anyone else, your place of employment will not release that information to GSH.

What happens when you select new volunteers?
If the interview and background screening results are successful, we will notify volunteer candidates of their appointment.

How can I found out more about volunteering policies and procedures with Girl Scouts of Hawai`i?
New volunteers will receive a copy of GSH’s Volunteer policies as a part of their volunteer binder at the beginning of their volunteer service. Volunteer Essentials is also available online under our Volunteer Resources.

Am I required to attend training before volunteering?
Yes. Based on the volunteer’s placement, additional training may be necessary. Your Membership & Program Manager informs new volunteers of the training/learning requirements, schedule, and location.
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Volunteer Training

Do I have to register for training?
Yes, registration is required for all courses. 

Registration is necessary to ensure there are sufficient training materials and the facilitator knows how many participants to expect. Only those with confirmed registrations can attend training. In the event of a course cancellation or location change, only registered participants will be notified.

How Do I Register?
Registration for training courses can be done online. Link to registration pages appear on each calendar event.

How will I know if I’m officially registered for a course?
Once you register for a course, you will have a notification that your registration was successful.

Why is there a Fee?
Girl Scouting 101 and the Grade Level Home Study courses are available to you at no additional cost.

First Aid/CPR courses and certain workshops have a fee. 

Fees must be submitted with registration forms.

What if I cannot afford the training fee?
If training is required for troop operation, such as First Aid/CPR, the cost of the training is a legitimate troop expense and could be paid for by the troop, if the troop members agree to the expense.

What happens in the case of a cancellation?
Events that do not meet the minimum number of participants are subject to cancellation five business days prior to the course. If a course is full, cancelled, or there is a change in time or location, you will be notified by email.
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Volunteer Support & Resources

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Where can I find forms and other paper resources?
Visit our Volunteer Resources page for resources most frequently used by volunteers at the troop level.

Are volunteers recognized for their service?
Yes. Collectively, volunteers contribute thousands of service hours each year at every level and in a number of ways. For this reason, we believe that volunteer recognition or appreciation should happen periodically, not only at the end of each year. Visit our Appreciation & Recognition page to learn more about our available Volunteer Awards and how to nominate a volunteer.

I am creating promotional material for a Girl Scout event. How do I get the GSH logo?
The GSH logo is available for download on our Brand Resources page along with guidelines for using the GSH logo.

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