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The dynamic growth of Girl Scouting has always depended upon active adult support. Parents, neighbors, relatives, friends, former Girl Scouts, and any other adults who wish to help today's girls grow into competent resourceful women, are encouraged to become Girl Scout volunteers. Adults may choose to work directly with the girls or support adult volunteers through various positions.  Contact the Council Headquarters or Island Service Center to speak with Council staff about becoming a Girl Scout Volunteer.

The Council provides training for volunteers at all levels.

As an adult volunteer, you can choose:

  • The amount of time you want to spend.
  • The people you enjoy working with most, girls or adults.
  • The skills you want to develop, enhance or share.
  • The activities you enjoy.
  • The interests you want to pursue.
  • The challenges you want to meet.
  • The goals you want to set.
  • The cause you want to endorse.

Volunteer Positions Working With Girls:

  • Group Leader
  • Event Coordinator
  • Activity Leader
  • Career Mentor <../>
  • Girl Sponsor
  • Cookie Sale Manager
  • Group Sponsor

Volunteer Positions Working With Adults:

  • Area Manager
  • School Coordinator
  • Recruiter
  • Trainer
  • Program Specialist
  • Area Cookie Manager
  • Adult Sponsor

Volunteer Positions Working On Your Own:

  • Alumnae Finder
  • Girl Scout Advocate
  • Collator

To volunteer as a Girl Scout adult, call the Girl Scout Office <../>in your area.