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Think You Know Girl Scout Cookies?


The earliest written mention of a cookie sale was that of the Mistletoe Troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma, which baked cookies and sold them in its high school cafeteria as a service project in December 1917.


In 1936, the first nationally franchised Girl Scout Cookie© sale was held.


The most popular Girl Scout Cookie© in Hawai`i - Thin Mints®, followed by Samoas.


Across the nation, the most popular Girl Scout Cookies© are:


     25% Thin Mints® 
     19% Samoas®
     13% Tagalongs®
     11% Do-si-dos®
       9% Trefoils®


Girl Scout Cookies© have zero trans fats.


Little Brownie Bakers® makes their own caramel for the Girl Scouts’ Samoas® the old fashioned way - in copper kettles to 234 degrees.


In making Do-si-dos®, peanut butter crème is deposited onto the cookies at a rate of 2,800 per minute.


After exiting the oven, Thin Mints® travel 300 feet on a conveyer belt to cool before being coated in chocolate.


A rotary die shapes Trefoils®. There are 300 identical Trefoil® shapes engraved in one rotary die. The die rotates 17 times a minute equaling 5,100 cookies in a minute.


Samoas® go through a cooling tunnel at 40-50 degrees before chocolate is applied.


Girl Scout Cookies© do not contain preservatives. They are all made with pure vegetable shortening, are kosher, and freeze well to extend their shelf life.