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Click on an item to view its description. Cookbook from Camp Kilohana
Cookbook of Great Selections from Camp Kilohana
Hawaii Council Patch
Hawaii Girl Council Scout Patch*
Hawaii T-shirt
Hawaii Girl Council Scout T-shirt*
Aloha Patch
Aloha Patch Program*
Teaming Manual
Teaming for Tomorrow Manual
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Cookbook of Great Selections from Camp Kilohana*
The Girl Scout Council is pleased to announce the publication of the Cookbook of Great Selections from Camp Kilohana with illustrations by the noted Waimea artist Pat Hall. The cookbook contains favorite recipes from Girl Scout volunteers, alumnae, and staff compiled by Phyllis Richards and Rosemary Schatzlien for the Girl Scout Council of Hawaii for capital improvements at Camp Kilohana on the island of Hawaii. $15.00 each, includes postage and handling. (order form)

Hawaii Girl Council Scout Patch*
A vibrant, tropical pink patch background embroidered with the face of a young Hawaiian girl wearing a head lei, superimposed upon a background of the Hawaiian beach, mountain and sky, the patch carries the inscription "Girl Scout Council of Hawaii Since 1917." $2.50 each, includes postage and handling. (order form)
Hawaii Girl Council Scout T-shirt*
Banana leaf logo design of white on a deep forest green or teal, with Girl Scouts Hawaii printed in the design. Available in the following sizes: Youth YS, YM, YL and Adult AS, AM, AL, AXL, AXXL. Youth sizes $10.00 each. Adult sizes $12.00 each. Includes postage and handling for USA addresses, additional charge for delivery outside of the USA. (order form)
Aloha Patch Program*
The Aloha patch curriculum has been designed for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides who do not live in Hawaii. Activities in this fun patch program include:

 How to make a flower lei
 How to put on a luau (using food substitutes for hard to find items)
    Information on Hawaiian language and customs

Aloha! One of the meanings of this word is "Hello" and we say ALOHA to you as you begin exploring beautiful Hawaii. This program has been written by the Girl Scout Council of Hawaii for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides who reside outside the State of Hawaii so that they may sample the history, culture, and beauty of the 50th State. As you earn the Aloha Patch, you will discover that Hawaii is a state blessed with volcanoes, warm ocean currents, tropical vegetation, and a diverse multicultural population as well as the unique culture of the Hawaiian people. (order form)

Teaming for Tomorrow Manual
Teaming for Tomorrow, a comprehensive "how to" guide for Girl Scout Councils and other "girl serving" organizations interested in conducting their own version of this dynamic career mentoring program for high school girls. The 78-page manual includes sample letters, forms, timelines and planning checklists for assembling the people, resources and logistics necessary to hold a successful two-day conference and career shadowing program. Valuable tips which can save money, time and work. $29 a copy (includes postage and handling).

Click here for information on the Teaming for Tomorrow program. E-mail us for more information. To order, mail the following information belowto the Girl Scout Council of Hawaii, 420 Wyllie Street, Honolulu, HI 96817. Credit card orders only, please. (order form)

Our thanks to the Frost Foundation for the grant which made publication of Teaming for Tomorrow possible.

Order Form

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   Girl Scout Council of Hawaii
   420 Wyllie Street
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