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Girl Scout Wider Opportunities are National and International Girl Scout events hosted by various Councils throughout the country. These are the ultimate Girl Scout experiences, involving the best of the best achieving Girl Scouts from the 320 Girl Scout Councils in the USA and from participating nations.

This year there are 18 Wider Opportunities operating during the summer months, with Hawaii's being the largest. Other events in 1998 are "Biking the Heartland" in Des Moines, "Scuba Michigan" "Canadian Canoe Trails" out of Beaver Penn., "Exploring the Night's Candles," at Lake Arrowhead, Cal., "A Good ol' Mountain Do," in North Carolina and a camp for people with disabilities in Kansas City.

Girls attending the events are Senior Girl Scouts, ages 13-18, most having achieved the Gold or Silver Awards in Scouting, the organization's highest awards.

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