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Hawaii's Wider Opportunity, "Music Shall Live" has come about because Girl Scout music is a tremendous part of the Scouting experience all over the world. The music passed down from generation to generation of girls is in need of documentation for the new millennium.

We have 121 Girl Scouts and Guides from 33 States and five Pacific Rim countries. The participants have auditioned, rehearsed, recorded, and performed the music that breathes spirit into the worldwide movement! By professionally recording this music, these girls are making history as the first International Girl Scout Chorus. They are the ones passing the torch to the next generation of Girl Scout songsters.

Melinda Caroll and her team of choral leaders has achieved the dream of making Girl Scout musical dreams come true ... with the best of the best Girl Scout singers from far and wide! I expect to see this group of girls performing together again ... somewhere in time!

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