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  Prudential Spirit of Community Award Presented to Hawaii Girl Scout


Honolulu, Hawaii -- April 17, 1999. The Girl Scout Council of Hawaii congratulates Senior Girl Scout Teresa who received the prestigious Prudential Spirit of Community Award. The award was presented at the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Ceremony at the Hawaii Prince Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii on April 17, 1999. She is a Senior Girl Scout member of the Board of Directors of the Girl Scout Council of Hawaii. Theresa coordinated 1998 Teen Volunteer Fair and is also participant in the Millennium Young People's Congress.

After receiving the Prudential Spirit of Community Award, Theresa gave the following speech.

I think it is wonderful that Prudential is taking the time to recognize and honor youth volunteers.

A lot of people are unaware of how much youth volunteerism positively affects our communities and the lives of those youth and adults working together to achieve similar goals.

More and more youth are beginning to realize that they can make a difference, and are getting involved in their communities. Many agencies see that and are going out of their way to support it.

Two of those agencies are the Girl Scout Council of Hawaii and the Voluntary Action Center, which is a warehouse for Hawaii's nonprofit agencies and helps potential volunteers find jobs that match their personal interests and skills.

As many of you know, Hawaii is not the only place getting caught up in the idea of youth making a difference. Nationally there is the 1997 President's Summit Project called "America's Promise, the Alliance for Youth." This Project has five main goals, one of which is youth volunteerism.

Globally there is the Millennium Young People's Congress. Governor Cayetano, Mayor Harris, and others have already whown their support of this congress which will bring 1000 youths from over 193 countries from around the world to Hawaii. They will discuss the problems facing out world in the next millennium and come up with priorities which they will take back to their country's government and businesses in the form of a book called Rescue 2000.

The Annual Teen Volunteer Fair, America's Promise, the Millennium Young People's Congress, all of the Prudential's Honorees ... these are all just examples of the many youths and adults interested in and working towards making our world a better place.

Just imagine how different our world and our lives would be if everyone donated half an hour of their time and energy per week towards making someone's life more pleasant like Aaron and Andrew, improving the environment like Nina, or one of the many other tasks out there waiting to be done.

Thank you.


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