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Girl Scout Cookie time is just around the corner and Hawai'i born pastry chef Jennifer Laszlo has created tempting recipes for the Girl Scout Council of Hawai'i.

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Aloha Turtles
Aloha Trifle
Trefoil Toffee
Thin Mint Bark

Jennifer Laszlo
Jennifer Laszlo

ALOHA TURTLES - recipe by Jennifer Laszlo,
Pastry Chef, Ohana Keauhou Beach Resort

Girl Scouts Aloha Chips    Ice Cream
Whole Pecans        Chocolate Chips

Place a scoop of ice cream on the rounded side of one cookie.  Place pecan pieces in the ice cream, forming the legs and head of a turtle.  Let sit in the freezer until the ice cream is frozen solid.

Melt the chocolate over a water bath or in a microwave.  Pour over the turtles, coating completely.  Place back into the freezer to set the chocolate.

About Jennifer Laszlo

Jennifer was born and raised in Kohala on the Big Island of Hawai'i.  She and her mother have been involved with Girl Scouts over the years.  Jennifer fondly remembers the campouts and cooking activities as member of Brownie Troop #154. Jennifer's mother loves the Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie, and Jennifer's personal favorite is the Samoa.

After four years as an 8th grade teacher in Kona, Jennifer went back to culinary school in San Francisco.  She is currently the Pastry Chef at Ohana Keauhou Beach Resort in Kona, Hawai'i where she is responsible for all the delectable morning pastries and desserts in the Kama'aina Terrace.

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Girl Scout Cookie Recipes by Jennifer Laszlo,
Pastry Chef, Ohana Keauhou Beach Resort

In partnership with the
Girl Scout Council of Hawaii