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Hints and Tips on Getting Adult Help

Support Resource Material
Welcome and Introductions
All Adults Can Help

To start your troop year you will want to meet as many of the girls' parents/guardians as possible. You will also want to know the girls' interests before you get too far in your planning. For suggested topics to cover in a Guide to Parent Support look on page 11 of the Girl Scout Council of Hawaii's Mod I in your Troop Reference Manual. The following are additional suggestions. If possible, have all or some of the following resources for the adults to see. Borrow them from your MDD, Service Unit Manager, Program consultant or other leaders.

Have available when adult arrives:

  • Age-level handbooks
  • Safety Wise
  • Girl Scout Council of Hawaii Troop Reference Binder
  • GSUSA NES Catalog
  • Registration forms (both girl and adult)
  • Proposed list of need troop supplies
  • An enlarged list of "How Can I Help?" -- Mod 1, page 14, to post where everyoine can see it. As ideas come from the group try to attach the name of a parent or guardian.
  • Uniform: If possible, borrow a Girl Scout uniform including a sash with proper placement of GSUSA insignia and GSCH patches.
  • Scrapbook: If you are taking over an existing troop, a scrapbook of past activities might be available to share with parents/guardians.
  • Parent/Guardian Information form

Welcome and Introductions

Point out any adult resources you have already such as a teacher will do arts and crafts with the girls.

Then have each adult share:

  • which girl on whose behalf they are attending the meeting.
  • what they do for a living and what their hobbies are.
  • their previous experiences with Girl Scouting.

On the enlarged sheet, "How Can I Help?" or your own list, have the adults help match the interests with the help that is needed. Make a list of the Try-Its, Badges, Patches, or activities so they can offer their help more specifically.

All Adults Can Help

To create an active, creative, exciting troop, adults can:

  • assist their Girl Scout and, therefore the troop, by seeing permission slips are signed and returned on time.
  • help their Girl Scout keep records and count money for calendar and cookie sales.
  • support her as she fulfills her troop responsibilities and participates in activities and projects.
  • let the troop leadership know when their Girl Scout cannot attend an activity as soon as possible.
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