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Shore Fishing The Girl Scout Council of Hawaii has been serving girls and women in Hawaii since 1917. The Council serves girls from ages 5-18, kindergarten through 12th grades, in a variety of traditional and non-traditional programs.

Girl Scouts is one of the few all-girl organizations in the country to provide opportunities for girls to explore their own needs and dreams in a supportive, friendly atmosphere while exercising their leadership skills to the fullest.

Through the Girl Scout program, girls find a wide variety of wholesome, safe ways to have fun while learning more about themselves and their world. Favorite activities over the years have included camping at one of the three camps owned by the Council, helping others, hiking, exploring careers, arts and crafts, marching in parades, selling Girl Scout Cookies, and even traveling to other islands, the mainland and foreign countries for special Girl Scout events.

Through Girl Scouts, girls can: Lei Making

   >> Develop themselves to achieve their full individual potential.

   >> Relate to others with increasing understanding, skill and respect.

   >> Develop values to guide their actions and provide a foundation for sound decision making.

   >>Contribute to the improvement of society through their ability and leadership skills, working in cooperation with others.

Get involved. Call your nearest Girl Scout Office for more information or to volunteer.

For more information, contact us at the
Hawaii Council  · 420 Wyllie Street  · Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone 808-595-8400  · Fax 808-595-3006
Your local Girl Scout Office  · e-mail

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