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Frequently Asked Questions
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Why Girl Scouts? Who can be a Girl Scout?
Does Girl Scouting support my daughter's interests? My daughter has a disability, will she be allowed to join?
Why should I get involved?  Will my daughter be required to have a uniform or earn merit badges?

Q: There are so many extra curricular choices for my daughter ...

 Why Girl Scouts?  

A: In Girl Scouts, girls discover the fun, friendship, and power of girls together. Girl Scouts has it all. Girls like being Girl Scouts because they have fun, play sports, make new friends, learn about new careers, explore cultures, and help the community. Parents like Girl Scouts because they develop values, learn to be leaders, gain new skills, develop self-esteem, realize their potential, learn to work together, and contribute to society, (And it's affordable -- registration is $7 a year for girls and adults. Troops support themselves through dues and Girl Scout cookie sales.)

Q: I thought that only little girls were Girl Scouts. So tell me ...

 Who can be a Girl Scout?  

A: We're for every girl, everywhere. We welcome all girls, ages 5­17, from all races, creeds, nationalities, and any social-economic status, to join the preeminent organization for women and girls in the world. Council accepts members anywhere in the state of Hawaii.

     Daisy Girl Scouts -- Kindergarten and Grade 1 (age 5-6)
     Brownie Girl Scouts -- Grades 1, 2, and 3 (age 6-8)
     Junior Girl Scouts -- Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 (age 8-11)
     Cadette Girl Scouts -- Grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 (age 11-14)
     Senior Girl Scouts -- Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 (age 14-17)
     Adult Girl Scouts -- 18 years old and older  

Q: When I think of Girl Scouts, I think of cookies and camping ...

 Does Girl Scouting support my daughter's interests?  

A: Only if she's interested in such things as water sports, team activities, travel, community service, protecting the environment, performing arts, science investigation and making great new friends from all parts of Hawaii and the world! She has the opportunity in Girl Scouting to try new activities that will build her confidence, social skills and self-esteem. All this while learning to live by the values taught in Girl Scouting such as honesty, fairness, respect of others, wise use of resources and helping others when needed. In Girl Scouting she will make new friends! She will have caring adult leaders and she will GAIN SKILLS AND GROW STRONG!

Q: My daughter has a disability......

Will she be allowed to join Girl Scouts?  

A: Girl Scouting does not discriminate on any basis, including disability. Throughout our history, girls of varying abilities have enjoyed participating in Girl Scouting.

Q: What about the uniforms and badges?

Will my daughter be required to have a uniform or earn proficiency badges?

A: In Girl Scouting, the pin received at the time of your daughter's commitment to the Promise and Law of the organization, becomes her official uniform. The dress uniform in Girl Scouting is the official uniform.

Our huge curriculum of badge activities is intended to help your daughter explore her world. The Girl Scout badge sash is worn with pride and a true sense of accomplishment. Some Girl Scouts earn our highest award: the GOLD AWARD. The Gold Award represents the ultimate in community service and personal accomplishment.

Adults can be Girl Scouts, and we NEED you today!

Q: I have so many commitments already, so ...

 Why should I get involved?  

A: You can play a significant role in our collective future by helping today's girls grow into competent, resourceful women. It's up to you to choose: how much time you spend, if you want to work with girls or adults, which skills you want to develop/enhance/share, the activities and interests you enjoy and want to pursue, the cause you want to endorse, and the challenges you want to meet.

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