What does it mean to be a Girl Scout today? It means having the confidence to be yourself and explore the amazing possibilities the world has to offer. It means having the courage to speak out and take action on issues you believe in. It means giving back to your community and the world, leaving your mark and making a difference, all while having the best time of your life!

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

Girl Scouts is the world’s premier program designed to enable girls to develop the qualities of a great leader - courage, confidence, and character - and the skills to make the world a better place.  The Girl Scout Program is transforming the philosophy of leadership.  It’s about a new definition of leadership – not about control and power but about making a difference.  Our new model of leadership means:
• knowing yourself and having confidence in your ability
• having empathy for/relating well to others and appreciating diversity
• caring enough to make the world better.

In a safe and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world. Guided by caring adults they develop qualities that will serve them all their lives like strong values, social conscience, and conviction about their own potential and self-worth.

No other activity helps girls achieve their personal paths to leadership like Girl Scouting.  Girl Scouts has been the nation’s leading expert on girls’ healthy development for almost 100 years, and continuously updates its program to remain relevant to today’s girls.




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Adults involved with Girl Scouts provided almost 118,000 hours of volunteer services in their communities last year, valued at over $2.2 million.

Members of the Girl Scouts are active, compassionate and involved citizens within their local, national and global communities.



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