What to Bring to Training

The Face to Face trainings will require you to take notes and participate by following along in several Girl Scout resources.  Please remember to arrive on time so that the class may start.  For each training session please bring the following basic resources and supplies:

Orientation for Girl Scout Volunteers

You will receive the following at the training:

-Orientation Booklet

-Girl Scout Safety-Wise book

-Leader's Digest Blue Book of Basic Documents  


Camping Hawaiian Style - TCT (troop camp training):

Prior to Training we must receive:

- $14.00 training fee (covers food for at camp training), no later than two weeks prior to training

Part One – “In-Town” Training Bring:

    - Your Safety-Wise book

    - Pencil/Paper

    - Outdoor Education in Girl Scouting – optional (can be purchased through Council Shop)

    - Snack/drinks (Optional)

Part Two – “At-Camp” Training Bring:

    - Your Safety-Wise book

    - Sack dinner and drink (for Friday night dinner)

    - Specific things to bring will be announced during the In-town training

    - Personal Training Card* (available from your Service Unit Manager)

    - Pocket knife, compass


American Red Cross First Aid/CPR

Prior to Training we must receive:

- $15.00 training fee, no later than 1 week prior to training

Day of Training Bring:

- Lunch/beverages

- Beach towel or small blanket for work on the floor

- Pencil/Paper





Keeping Hawaii Beautiful

Adults involved with Girl Scouts provided almost 118,000 hours of volunteer services in their communities last year, valued at over $2.2 million.

Members of the Girl Scouts are active, compassionate and involved citizens within their local, national and global communities.



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