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Newest edition of quarterly newsletter now available

The newest edition of our quarterly newsletter, Connect, is now available! See below for detailed information on what’s inside…

In this Issue: 

Welcome to Girl Scout year 2013-2014!, p. 1
What a year it has been and what a year it will be! 

The First Lady Supports Girl Scouts, p. 3
“As a Girl Scout volunteer, you can show girls that anything is possible, and you can inspire them to dream bigger and go further than they ever even imagined.”

Volunteer spotlight, p. 3
Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng is a Hawai`i-based educator, writer and Girl Scout volunteer. She also just happens to be President Barack Obama’s sister.

Old friends, new beginnings, p. 4
After nine years of dedication and hard work, Jennifer Frisbee decided it was time to bid adieu…and welcome to two new team members!

Alumna spotlight, p. 4
Now a junior at the University of Southern California, Cristin L. continues to give back to her community to Girl Scouts. Last year she became a new leader of a Daisy troop…

Who’s who at GSH, p. 5
Get to know who’s who at Girl Scouts of Hawai`i! We can’t wait to…

2013 Woman of Distinction Dinner, p. 6
The theme of this year’s dinner is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Thank you to our donors, p. 7
Every year, over 1400 volunteers support Girl Scout programming by donating their time and energy to running great program opportunities for girls.

Cookies, p. 8
What can a cookie do? A world of good! I’ll show you how!

Camp, p. 9
Camping is part of the Girl Scout experience in three ways: troop camping, service unit camping and council camping.

Inside…the shop, p. 10
Upcoming promos, new “Brownie Points” program, and how you can help us promote sustainability.


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