Online Logging In FAQs


Unable to access a previously activated account

“I activated my account, but cannot remember my password.”

Click on the “forgot password” link on the home page below the login box. You will need to enter your username and e-mail address

“I activated my account, but cannot remember my username.”

Click on the “forgot username” on the home page below the login box.  You will need to enter your name and e-mail address which is in the system

I need to change my user name and/or password

Click on the “My Account” link and you will see a dropdown list of options. Click on the option you wish to change. Be sure to click “Save” for all changes.

Why can’t I see the login screen or some of the pages on GS account?

If you cannot see the login boxes on the home page please look to the top right of the page and for your name. If you see a name listed you are already logged into your GS account.

How are online accounts created in the new system?

The pre-existing processes that activated accounts for existing customers and created logins for new customers have merged into one process. In the new system, all customers without a login choose “New Online Account” on the home page to create a web account.

I receive a message to contact the council

Upon clicking “Continue” to create an account a variety of conditions are checked:
• If the Date of Birth indicates that the customer is less than 18 years old, the system will stop the customer from continuing further. Only adults over 18 can log into the new online registration site.
• If two duplicate customer records exist for the customer in the Girl Scout database, the following error message will be returned and the customer will have to contact the council to continue. Duplicate records are defined as two customer records with the exact same name, address and birth date. If two customers exist with the same name and address, but have different birth dates, they are not considered duplicates in the new system.
• If there is no email address in the Girl Scout database, the following error message will be returned and the customer will have to contact the council to continue.

Which internet browers work with GSH Online Account?

All up-to-date versions of the major browsers will work with the exception of Google Chrome.

Can I use GS Account if I decide to not share my email?

Your log in creation will depend on having your email address (family email address for girls please) recorded as in your account. Unfortunately, if your email is not on file you will not be able log in and use this online tool. Please remember that GSH and GSUSA does not sell or distribute member information to third parties.

The link to activate your account is very long and some email clients break it to fit their character count. Please copy and paste both parts of the link, in order, into your web browser. This will take you to the proper page to finish your online membership renewal.

Is a separate login required for each person?

No. One account can be used to register the entire family.  The Family Manager is the only person that can register all family members under one account.  If you should be the Family Manager and is not please contact help desk for assistance.

It says “customer not found”, why can’t it find me?

GS account requires a name, address and email to locate a member. If any of this information is missing an error message appears stating that the customer could not be found. Usually it is as simple as adding an email address to the account. In some instances this message appears for new members and leaders whose membership information have not been entered into our system. By contacting the Help Desk, we can help you create a customer profile to be used for registration.

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